What are the traits of a fantastic lawyer? Is your intelligence? Is it your competency in legal writing? Lawyers are required to have a certain degree of motivation and intelligence, as well as experience and opportunity. But the fact is, the qualities you believe that can make you a good lawyer aren’t the ones that could turn you into a great lawyer. 

Here are some of the qualities that will make a lawyer rise above the rest. Having these values offers you a way to understand the problems better and to provide effective solutions to your clients. All lawyers should have these traits, including the ones who offer a per diem service.  

1. Compassion  

Being compassionate is the correct emotional response if you hear about another person’s problems and sincerely wish to help solve that problem. That’s what most lawyers do. People will come to you with their issues. They either want to avoid problems in the future, or they need help in solving their current problems. You may not believe that compassion is necessary for this profession if you practice business or tax law. But it does. A conscientious lawyer will reflect on what the others will feel and if they accept their views, regardless if he ends up agreeing with them. 

2. Listening ability  

Good communication skills are necessary to become a great lawyer. Listening is among the most essential facets of communication. What you’re saying is how and when you say it is meaningful. You could only do things correctly if you listen first. Hear out your clients. Speak to the opposing counsel, your superiors, and even the judges. You need to take in a lot of information, and then synthesize and analyze it. Exercise your good judgment to give the right advice to your clients.  

3. Encouragement  

Encouragement works better than aggressiveness. You don’t have to be violent at all, although you have to be assertive. Lawyers that are assertive state their views while still respecting others and making themselves known. Aggressive lawyers always work in their own favor and are usually threatening or disregarding the opinions of others. 

4. Creativity  

You need to be creative in finding the right solutions to every issue that your clients face. Every problem is unique and every client has to be treated differently. Every solution must be carefully crafted. Lawyers, overall, are risk averter parties, they need to learn how to think creatively. Create unique solutions is by carefully assessing to approach and circumstance. That way, you can really learn all about the issues at hand and the things that your clients and opponents need. Being understanding will lead to a long-term solution that will work for everybody. Stalemates often come up when opponents of counsel fail to handle the matter through compassionate listening, instead of becoming unnecessarily aggressive. Don’t be that kind of lawyer. 

5. Perseverance  

Have perseverance and you will achieve success. You need to keep on working, to keep on trying and to keep ongoing. You have to know when to step away if things don’t work. Have a break and just come back again. Compromise on whatever that may be needed to solve the issues at hand.