Accelerated Reader™

Accelerated Reader (AR) is designed to focus children’s attention on careful reading of books to build critical thinking and literacy skills development. By matching the child to the appropriate reading level of books, students are individually kept in a challenging, but not frustrating, skills development zone. AR has been scientifically proven to dramatically improve student reading skills. Click here for more information about the research that has been conducted.

Through student quizzes, AR also provides teachers with an easy and effective way to monitor all forms of guided reading practice. Teachers receive detailed, objective data to target instruction and ensure success for every student, from emergent reader through eighth grade.

Click below to access your child’s Accelerated Reader data and quiz history through AR Home Connect.

At the Renaissance Learning AR BookFinder™ website  you can view or print a list of quizzes. The website allows you to search by author, reading level and topic. You can also place the titles in your online AR BookBag, print it to a PDF file, and take it to your favorite bookstore or library. To see if a book is available from the academy library, click on the library catalog link below. Please Note: All AR books must be approved by your child’s teacher to assure proper reading levels.

Renaissance Learning AR BookFinder™

Library Catalog

Purposes of Accelerated Reader:
  1. To promote independent reading.
  2. To match students with books at their appropriate reading level.
  3. To assess students’ reading levels and comprehension.
  4. To make ALL students feel successful in reading.
With Accelerated Reader, teachers can:
  • Get students excited about reading and vocabulary. Students will be motivated to read constantly – during recess, at lunch, at home, everywhere! They’ll read carefully, thoroughly, and always be eager for more.
  • Receive reliable, objective information. Teachers will get valuable data on students’ library book reading, literacy skills development, vocabulary development, and more, so they can help them become better readers.
  • Help every student master standards. With Accelerated Reader, students read more, thereby becoming more well read students. Scores improve on state tests and more students master standards – research proves it.
  • Improve students’ attitudes for learning. Enthusiasm for reading spreads to all subjects as students experience success. Teachers using Accelerated Reader report higher attendance, fewer discipline problems, and improved attitudes about school.
  • Keep all students challenged. Teachers can continually guide students to appropriate books within their Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD). This means they can ensure that every student is challenged without being frustrated.
How does it work?
(Please note: Improving the reading ability of our students is always a priority. The following information applies to all grade levels. Classroom teachers will communicate their specific requirements to parents/guardians)

Reading Goals Are Set:Individual reading levels are established for students using the STAR ReadingTM test. Classroom teachers set appropriate goals. Progress is monitored and reading levels and goals are increased systematically.

Student Reads a Book:  Each student chooses a book at his/her level.  The book must then be approved by the student’s teacher.  Parents and teachers may also read to or with the student depending on grade level.

Student Takes a Quiz:  After reading the book, the student takes a quiz on the computer while being monitored by the teacher or staff member on duty.

Student Receives a TOPS Report:  The student, parents and teacher receive individualized, constructive feedback to direct ongoing reading practice.

  • Students who meet their individual reading goals each grading period will receive incentives and recognition from their classroom teachers.
  • Students who consistently attain their goals are recognized at the year end Honors Assembly.
  • Parents are requested to provide encouragement and opportunities for students to read at home.

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about AR:

Why did the Academy choose to use the AR program?
Research shows the more children read, the better readers they will become.  AR motivates students to read and directs them to books that challenge them without frustrating them.  For more information, visit

What is the difference between a STAR Reading test and an AR quiz?
The STAR Reading test is a computer-based standardized test that helps teachers determine each student’s AR book level.  AR quizzes are short quizzes that students take after reading AR books.

What is the difference between an AR book and a “regular” book?
AR books are “regular” books.  They become AR books when an AR quiz is available for the book.  This year, the Academy has subscribed to Accelerated Reader EnterpriseTM which includes 100,000+ quizzes.

What happens if my child was having a bad day when the STAR Reading test was given, which resulted in a reading range that is too low?
As students pass AR quizzes, it is up to the teachers’ discretion to increase a child’s reading level.  Goals are set on a monthly basis to closely monitor appropriate reading levels.  Also, the STAR Reading test will be given periodically to chart student growth and adjust reading levels.

Can non-readers participate?
Absolutely!  There are several ways that non-readers can participate in the AR program:
1.      Lower grade teachers will read to their class and the class will take the AR quiz together.
2.      Volunteers will read to a student and the student will take the AR quiz with the volunteer.
3.      Reading buddies will read to a student and the student will take the AR quiz with the buddy.

Code of Conduct

Students are expected to abide by the following the rules while participating in the AR program:

  • They may only take quizzes on books they have read or have been read to them in the past month.
  • They may only take quizzes at their assigned reading level, unless approved by their teacher.
  • They may only take a quiz on a book that has been made into a movie if they have read the book.
  • They may NOT use Cliff notes, videos, or abridged versions of the book to take a quiz.
  • They may NOT take tests for other students.
  • They must NOT reveal their password to anyone other than a parent or teacher.
  • They may NOT discuss AR questions or answers with other students.
  • They may NOT do anything that would be considered cheating.

Students who choose to break the rules will face the following consequences:

  1. The quiz or quizzes involved in the cheating incident(s) will receive a score of zero.
  2. The student will not earn any rewards in the AR program for the quarter.

It is our hope that all parents will encourage and support their child’s efforts in the Accelerated Reader program.  After all, those who read well become well read!