Trees might be low-maintenance but they shouldn’t be totally neglected. Though they appear as self-sufficient, healthy trees just do not occur and young trees can be beneficial. Having a tree care routine could help in securing your plants and support them to live longer. 

Routine tree cleaning 

Similar to what we normally do in our homes, we should also take some time to clean up the areas near our trees. Hence, start maintaining your tree with a bit of cleaning up.  

  • Eliminate gathered debris near the trees including fallen fruit, leaves, and sticks 
  • The moment dirt is removed and cleared, you need to check its trunk for indicators of pest or disease activity. Detecting these issues as soon as possible is actually important. Look for a certified arborist to help you out with such a job. 
  • Get rid of holiday décor or lights that could still be draped around the branches and trunk. To leave external objects around your trees for a long time could result in the danger of girdling future development.  


A nice mulch later can aid to preserve the moisture of soil and overpower the development of weed. This is particularly beneficial for younger trees above 10 years. Moreover, it could assist trees to penetrate the required nutrients to stay beautiful and healthy.  

  • Maintain 3-4 inches thickness of mulch  
  • Retract mulch from the trunk of the tree, mulch maintains moisture and heat, which could danger the tree via immediate contact. 
  • Eradicate competing weeds and grass 


If you notice that water pools around your trees, it would be a great idea to adjust your sprinkler system. Young trees might need more water compared to the older ones. However, too much water or constant water spray to the foliage could pose the risk of having a development of fungal diseases and root or trunk rot. 

  • Young trees might need more water 
  • Modify sprinklers to prevent spraying it directly 
  • Fix soil drainage for pooling water 

Pruning tree 

Usually, the perfect pruning time is when the winter season when the development of trees is halted or slowed. However, you can always prune trees in any season for structural integrity or to eliminate limbs that could be dangerous to property and people. Get the chance to determine and get rid of any sick, dead, or damaged branches. They must be simple to detect because they usually look brittle and dry or they lack leaves. 

  • Check tree limbs for disease or damage                       
  • Search for limbs that carry a risk to property or visibility 
  • If you are unsure, never hesitate to call a certified arborist. 

Contact a professional for assistance 

Have your lawn be maintained with the assistance of certified and skilled arborist. Regardless if you want tree removal service, tree maintenance, or tree pruning, we can assist you with each step you take.  

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