STEPS Center for Autism

STEPS Center for Excellence in Autism specializes in the treatment and education of persons diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The STEPS program at the Academy of St. Adalbert is designed to meet the needs of children who are ready to move into a small group setting or an inclusive school setting. The STEPS staff support and train the teachers of the Academy and aid in providing a safe and supportive environment for children on the autism spectrum.

The STEPS program is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to academic, social and behavioral growth. The STEPS team include; Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Intervention Specialists, Reading Specialists, and teachers. Treatment consists of programming to improve academic development, behavior modification to decrease maladaptive behaviors that are impeding learning, and programming to improve social skills development.

The STEPS staff is data driven and looks at the needs of each child individually when developing programs and behavior management plans. STEPS teachers and consultants are also person-centered and adhere to a more humanistic philosophy in understanding and interacting with children. The goal of STEPS is to help each individual serviced to reach their full potential for happiness and independence.

STEPS is a Provider for the Ohio Department of Education’s Autism Scholarship Program

Guiding Principles of STEPS
  1. Honoring the child. We focus on a person-centered philosophy. Our therapists take time to get to know and develop a connection with each child in order to better assess what their needs are. It is our belief that in order to teach a child we need to understand that child.
  2. Believing in the potential of each child that we work with. We understand that it is our responsibility to believe in the children so they can, in turn, believe in themselves. Our goal at STEPS is to help each child reach their full potential and develop healthy self-esteem and self-efficacy.
  3. Recognizing the importance of creating a positive atmosphere. We understand that creating a positive atmosphere promotes success and achievement in the children that we service.
  4. Recognizing the value of using researched based teaching methods, as well as collecting and analyzing data in order to determine effectiveness of methods we use. We believe that this can successfully be combined with a humanistic person- centered approach in how we view and understand the children that we service.
  5. Every child, regardless of level of need or situation, is welcome at STEPS and will not be sent home or kicked out of our program due to maladaptive behaviors.
  6. Understanding that the children that we service need to be taught, not changed. We honor the individual differences that each child brings.
  7. Educating the community on autism. It is our goal to educate the community on autism so the individuals that we service can successfully participate in community activities outside of STEPS. It is our belief that if people understand autism, they are more likely to accept the differences of individuals diagnosed with autism.

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