Academic Program

The Academy of St. Adalbert is fully accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. As such, it is a chartered school in the state of Ohio recognized by the State Board of Education.

As a Catholic school, the Academy of St. Adalbert is committed to integrating Catholic faith and culture as they help students develop into mature Christian persons whose lives are modeled on Christ and the Gospel.  The Academy of St. Adalbert strives to:

  • Involve families, clergy and members of the school community in the formation and implementation of its philosophy, goals, and programs,
  • Foster a worshipping community within the academy,
  • Implement a defined catechetical program that is central to and permeates all areas of the curriculum, and
  • Sensitize students to the many areas of human need and social concerns and provide students with opportunities for the practice of Christian service.

Educational programs and experiences at the Academy of St. Adalbert are designed and implemented so as to provide a Catholic education of high quality for all students. Students are provided sufficient time and opportunity to meet all academic requirements. Instruction at the Academy of St. Adalbert includes intervention that is designed to meet student needs. Instruction and instructional activities at the academy strive to be:

  • Consistent with educational research and proven best practices,
  • Appropriate to student ages, developmental needs, learning styles, and abilities, and
  • Designed to provide opportunity for each student to reach his/her academic potential.